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Reseller Managed Services

Reseller Managed Services

Web Hosting Service
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Dedicated Hosting Server

Dedicated Server Reseller Managed Services

Domain Names ResellerResellers Panel provides a selection of three different Dedicated Server Reseller options for you to choose from: The Budget, Value and Premiere. You can use such a server in order to become a part of the web hosting business itself by splitting it to smaller parts and re-selling it to you end customers or you can be a web hosting reseller that sells dedicated servers to his end customers as well.

For each of the three server packages you will have the option to choose from three different Linux Distributions for the server's operating system (CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu) as well as three different control panels: Resellers Panel's custom built Web Hosting Control Panel, the cPanel/WHM Control Panel and DirectAdmin one, which is even free.

Every server comes with its root access (or administration access) which will allow the owner to interact with the server on core level and install whatever software that is needed.

If you or your clients are not that much into maintaining the whole hosting server by yourselves, or simply do not wish to loose time and effort in doing so, Resellers Panel has yet again a solution for such a problem. It is called Managed Services. For a small fee you will get system administrative maintenance, server monitoring for maximum security, and additional software and application installation if you need any.

It is always wise to get at least the backup option so you will feel safe and secure about your online presence knowing that every 24 hours the data on your server will be backed up for later usage such as restore when needed.

Web Hosting Service

A hosting solution appertains to stockpiling and/or sharing particular content on a web hosting server managed by a web space hosting vendor. There are different varieties of web hosting service utilized for different goals, so let's survey them. Thus, you can decide what you want, on the basis of whether you wish to set up a website, e-mails, or to share files with comrades and associates.

Cheap Hosting

As the IT industry advances incessantly, innovative web site hosting services are introduced to render site development and management simpler than ever. A hosting plan with the smallest web space and traffic quotas used to cost tens of US dollars per month, but at present, some corporations offer unmetered packages for merely a fraction of the cost, enabling clients and small-scale firms to get their place in the virtual universe.

Dedicated Hosting Server

Free and paid shared plans are among the most famous web hosting solutions on the market. They are suitable for small web sites that do not request plenty of resources and do not get that many visitors, but for high resource-devouring web portals with many thousands of viewers, a more powerful platform is required. If you are seeking a stable, avant-garde web hosting platform that can deal with even millions of daily hits, a dedicated web server is your most excellent option.